Monday, March 15, 2010

West Valley, Students, Rain and Sweat

Our rest day today began with a 5 A.M. sweat lodge hosted by Seneca Nation of Indians friends conducted by Ed Walker, pipe carrier and pipe carriers Al White and Dinah Porter. Last Thursday, we were joined by Jocelyn Jones, Seneca Language teacher at Angola Lake Shore Middle School and 21 of her 6th to 8th grade students. We were inspired by their spirits as they walk with us over 8 miles. Later that day as we participated in a previously scheduled community Meal, we met again with some of the same students who were all clearly proud of their walk and we were thrilled with the knowledge of Mother Earth that they aquired that day.The good spirits inspired our walking in rain for most of the next 2 days. West Valley Nuclear Waste Site will be discussed at length at tonight's community meeting here in Buffalo

This blog will hopefully gain more authors and more commenters. Pictures will be added when we can download them and have internet access.

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