Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peace cranes, lit candles and fasting in solidarity

I honour the winter with its snow covered landscapes and rich impressions of a resting MOTHER NATURE.
The atomosphere here in Switzerland is rather grey and unfriendly, people commenting on too much snow, very cold, the most serve winter in many years etc. Is MOTHER NATURE responding to our lack of LOVE.
All this while having so much resources-jobs, warm homes, food in abundance etc.
Yet out there we are having to address the needs of hundreds of refugees who have had to flee their homes in search of protection against serve Human rights violations, wars, poverty and climate changing events that have changed their lives.
We celebrate gratitute for life and the ability to contribute to a vision of a world without nuclear weapons, waste and energy. Not forgetting all the uranium mining.
At the moment in Europe the French president and his counterparts are brokering the increase of nuclear power plants at a huge conference in Paris. Paying scat attention to the major question of the enormous waste generated and how this aspect is being addressed in a constructive manner. (Jerome, the French walker has a very good example of how France deals with its waste-Football/sports parking areas are the sites for waste)
The scramble is on to take care of the climate change problem, but at what costs and by whom?
The USA & Russia - its presidents are discussing reducing the active nuclear arsenal.
What a shame they do not listen to what we want "A WORLD WITHOUT ANY NUCLEAR WEAPONS, WASTE and ENERGY."
In COPENHAGEN November 2009 , there were over 5'000 people from all over the world from many grassroots communities discussing, debating, exhibiting via workshops, conferences, films, exhibitions, brochures, theater, music concerts, newspapers and an array of many other wonderful creative and exciting media, all telling stories of how people are addressing and taking care of MOTHER NATURE. An official declaration is available.
We a small group of women lit candles, make peace cranes and are fasting for 7 days.
We are with you.
It begins with a small step and every step is a step in the right direction.
Glenda - South Africa , Tuya- Mongolia, Bea-Switzerland, Winnie-China

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