Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Iroquois People

Hello Jules, June Sun and Jerome, (Mia- who I was told is also in the group)
I hear you were hosted by the Iroquois people in Towananda, spent time in the sweat lodge and had a potluck shared with the walkers, how beautiful a welcome by gracious hosts.
The Iroquois people are a wonderful community and they have some inspiring practices.
To share what I know about this community. Lots of love Glenda

One of the most interesting Iroquois art forms is the False Face Mask. Used in the curing ceremonies of the False Face Societies, the masks are made of maple, white pine, basswood and poplar. False Face masks are first carved in a living tree, then cut free and painted and decorated. The masks represent spirits who reveal themselves to the mask maker in prayer and tobacco-burning ritual performed before the mask is carved.

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