Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Union Springs, New York March 28th

We had heard about the controversy between local land owners and Cayuga Nation people from our local organizer.The issue is about the collection of sales tax on cigarette sales by the Cayuga Indian Nation, but seems to go far beyond that narrow point judging by the signs. Indian gaming and property issues are also being discussed. We encountered no ill will from anyone on the days walk
even though we were carrying flags of the six nations. A court of appeals special session had just heard oral arguments in Syracuse on March 25th. That evening, we had offers of food and lodging from the Cayuga Indian nation and also the 7th Day Adventist Church. The walkers split up and some stayed at both places and because the space was larger at the church, the native americans brought their food and ceremonial big drum and everything was combined. Everything just felt so good that night and the good feeling was carried over to our next night at the Poplar Ridge Friends meeting house when Dan Hill of the Cayuga Share Farm gave an informative talk on nuclear waste issues and played some marvelous flute.

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  1. Jules... I will send you some photos of Rochester. I hope you all enjoy the warm weather I am sending, too! Save Journey!
    Peace be with you all.